Orange highlights "significant shift" towards 4G

29 November 2013

Posted by Michelle Devonshire

Orange has identified a growing uptake in 4G networks in its annual exposure study.

This year's report, which focuses on France and Spain alongside the UK, found the fourth and latest generation of communication technology was being used more in mobile commerce businesses.

In the last six months, 53 per cent of 4G users have purchased something through their device, more than the 34 per cent of those using 3G.

It argues these findings prove the increasing importance of mobile shopping, relative to the growing use of 'showrooming', where customers visit physical stores but compare prices on their phone or tablet. In the UK, 12 per cent of those taking part admitted to showrooming before making a purchase.

In terms of online shopping, the results showed 25 per cent of people in the high-tech section used their gadget to research an item. In general, 18 per cent of participants stated they used mobile access to find product information.

Orange's head of marketing and customer intimacy Jean-Marie Culpin said: "This year's findings provide early evidence that faster speeds and greatly improved bandwidth have indeed shaken up how people are using their mobile - making it more central to their lives than ever before.

"As 4G becomes increasingly available to everyone, it is exciting to witness how it’s helping people go about their daily lives, as their trusted companion."

The company also found applications on mobiles were increasingly used to access/browse the internet, partially due to the faster download times. In the UK, 30 per cent of 4G holders use their gadget to access video games, while only 17 per cent on 3G networks do the same. Orange further argues it is making use of additional features, such as video streaming and geolocation options, likely improved thanks to a better connection.

These findings compare well with recent suggestions from the Carphone Warehouse. Speaking to Mobile Magazine, chief executive officer Andrew Harrison said data usage went up 50 per whenever someone upgrades their phone, but this increase has been three or fivefold with the introduction of 4G.

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