Internet of things 'to drive ICT'

25 November 2013

Posted by Michelle Devonshire

The Internet of things (IoT) will grow into a driving force for ICT markets in the near future.

This is according to consultancy firm Frost and Sullivan, which predicts both buyers and sellers will increase ICT activities, with an emphasis on supporting the added volumes of data.

In short, IoT is a term used to refer to a plethora of wirelessly accessible devices, such as smartphones, tablets and other emerging smart markets. More niche examples include various appliances and utensils displaying connectivity and networking options - all of these 'things' add up to a larger demand on the internet. Yet the dynamic is different overall, as it moves away from a traditional market dominated by PCs and laptops.

Vice president of ICT practice at Frost and Sullivan Asia Pacific Andrew Milroy said: "While apps may enable and enhance that interaction, high speed networks will need to be deployed to enable this heavy use of increasingly sophisticated apps. From an IoT perspective, these networks will be necessary to efficiently transmit growing volumes of data between sensors and devices."

A key change prompted by the IoT will be the use of cloud technology. With so many mobile devices, Frost and Sullivan predicts remote server storage will be useful in holding all the data, as well as running various applications entirely within the platform.

Earlier this month, Gartner released its own predictions, forecasting new markets within ICT as a result of the IoT. It encourages solutions optimized for the customer, in turn suggesting new business models to meet this change.

Gartner's senior vice-president and global head of research Peter Sondergaard said: "This will allow companies to move away from blanket pricing to more tailored solutions which benefit both company and customers."

The added volumes of data helps lead into another growing trend within the ICT sector. 'Big data' consists of new technology designed to handle and analyse large amounts of information, often amounts which are too big to be represented physically or analysed by human methods. With the increased traffic from the IoT, Frost and Sullivan has identified a clear opportunity for analytic tools optimized to make the most of this, especially in the likes of evidence-based decision making.

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