Nominet introducing shorter .uk domains

21 November 2013

Posted by Michelle Devonshire

Nominet will be offering registrations for shorter .uk names, which remove the .co. section from the URL.

These will be available next summer with just the .uk suffix, enabling a new wave of web addresses.

The firm believes this move will bring the UK more in line with other countries, such as those in Europe, using both France's .fr and Germany's .de as examples.

Chief executive officer for Nominet Lesley Cowley said: "The .uk namespace is one of the most popular and trusted available and we're committed to ensuring it stays up to date and relevant. We’re excited to offer the option of a shorter, snappier domain name that we believe will appeal to both our existing customers and the businesses and bloggers of tomorrow.”

A survey by the company found 72 per cent of UK business decision makers were in favour of .uk registrations, compared to only two per cent who were against the idea.

The news comes less than a full week after London and Partners announced the availability of .london domains and has established a subsidiary, Dot London Domains, to operate the registry. These will also be available from summer next year.

Both .london and .uk are second level domains, which by their nature are not in as high demand as generic top level domains. However, they are useful for local businesses, whether countrywide or London-based, as the url is useful for location-specific websites.

Nominet is planning to sell the domains wholesale for £3.50 a year, or £2.50 per annum for multi-year leases - the same price as its pre-existing options. However, anyone with a website registered under an older domain, such as, will be offered the shorter .uk equivalent first. The firm states more than ten million customers will receive this option, with five years to make a decision.

It further stated its existing domains of,,,,, and will still be available and will run as normal.

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