Bentley Systems acquires innovative pressure vessels technology

20 November 2012

Posted by Satvir Bhullar

A purchase has been made by Bentley Systems that will see the company increase its presence in the global pressure vessels market.

The move, which could see standards in this area improve, sees Bentley Systems acquire EuResearch, which produces the Microprotol software application.

Designed for use in high pressure plant environments, Microprotol carries out analysis of pressure vessels and heat exchangers, and can be used in the creation and fabrication of such technology.

Bentley plans to use its new purchase to extend its AutoPIPE suite of tools to enhance productivity, safety and quality when it comes to pipe stress analysis and design.

Commenting on the deal, Santanu Das, Vice-President of Design, Simulation and Information Modelling at Bentley Systems, said: "Our ongoing integration work with Microprotol will soon deliver uniquely comprehensive performance simulation solutions across the fuller breadth of the plant lifecycle, offering users a step change in productivity while improving plant safety through enhanced design."

Further breakthroughs in the field of pressure vessels could be seen in the future as a result of a project in the US that is employing nanotechnology to enhance nuclear safety.

Researchers from Caltech and a number of other facilities have examined the potential effects of radiation on nanomaterials know as nanolaminates, finding that substances may improve the durability of nuclear reactor pressure vessels and other nuclear components, Nuclear Street reports.

The experts discovered that nanomaterials created using electroplating were not made brittle by fission, which can produce particles that sometimes impregnate pressure vessels with tiny helium bubbles, with their findings published in scientific journals.

Under testing, the nanofabric was found to maintain its ductility rather than becoming brittle as a result of helium, which could enhance the lifecycle and quality of pressure vessels in the future.

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