Heartbeat biometrics company purchased by Intel

06 July 2012

Posted by Satvir Bhullar

Intel has made a new move into the global biometrics market with its acquisition of a company specializing in the biometric signature of heartbeats.

It has agreed to purchase IDesia Biometrics for an undisclosed amount, a move that could provide it with a more secure way of providing access to IT systems.

First reported by Israeli site Globes, it is unclear what Intel plans to do with its new purchase, with the innovative solutions detecting heartbeat from the pulse generated in fingers to identify individuals.

Based in Israel, IDesia produces technology that will pick up on users' heartbeats, allowing them to access personal computers and mobile devices.

It can also be used to provide information about the health of subjects, although it is not clear whether Intel plans to exploit this capability.

Speaking to the IDG News Service, Inight 64 Principal Analyst, Nathan Brookwood, stated: "If Idesia has something unique, then Intel could possibly create a relatively easy sensor that could go into a smartphone or tablet that could monitor the heartbeat."

A recent report by the Economist explained how biometric technology is being used on the ground by troops in Afghanistan to enhance security.

Data is gathered by soldiers in a range of settings and compared with biometric databases in order to gain a greater understanding of the operations of the Taliban.

According to the news source, more than 2.5 million digital records of Afghanistan's 30 million population are held by the nation's Government and the US Army.

This improves security in areas such as recruitment of members of the country's armed forces and police force, the use of labourers on military bases and capturing escaped prisoners, among others.

Sergeant-Major Robert Haemmerle, a member of the biometrics programme, explained that standards are put in place to protect individuals' rights, refuting concerns about potential risks with the system.

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