Government to invest in digital innovation

27 January 2012

Posted by Samuel Couratin

A new facility is being created in the UK that is intended to drive technology and innovation in the country.

The move has been unveiled by Vince Cable, the Business Secretary, in a bid to ensure the digital sector flourishes over the coming years.

He stated the new Connected Digital Economy Catapult centre will provide a hub for innovation and a "practical way in which Government can support industry to maintain its competitive advantage".

"Long term investment in our economic strengths and being at the forefront of technological development are essential if we are to achieve sustainable and balanced growth," the minister remarked.

Dr Cable made the announcement during a visit to 3D digital technology and augmented reality firm Holition in Shoreditch, London.

The centre intended to help enterprises bring new products to the market by addressing challenges and opportunities to building sustainable businesses, researching the impacts of digital innovations and examining how consumer goods can become better connected.

It will also assist non-digital industries in accessing the benefits of technology by assisting with the transfer of knowledge and experience, following examples set by creative sectors such as music.

Supported by the Technology Strategy Board, the Government is committing £200 million to boost innovation in key sectors by establishing a network of Catapult centres around the country, including the already-established Advanced Manufacturing Catapult and the Cell Therapy Catapult.

One of the key concerns about the rapid spread of digital technology is the importance of security in cyberspace and a series of recommendations have been published by the Information Security Forum (ISF) to help firms enhance their resilience in this area.

According to the London-based body, the benefits offered by increasing productivity, competitiveness, innovation, collaboration and engagement with customers, also come with a number of threats.

The ISF suggested organizations should improve their cyber risk resilience and data protection systems, as well as collaborating and sharing intelligence in this area.

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