Voice biometrics 'to have key security role in 2012'

20 January 2012

Posted by Satvir Bhullar

The role played by voice biometrics in security this year looks set to grow, according to new forecasts for the sector.

Research has indicated the technology will increasingly be employed to authenticate payments in 2012 if the existing obstacles to its adoption can be overcome.

The survey, published by Opus Research and ValidSoft, suggested that there are security and data protection risks associated with using smartphones for payments and banking that voice biometrics can help address, such as potential increases in fraud.

Opus Research Senior Analyst, Dan Miller, explained that voice authentication "is a powerful tool for preventing fraud and promoting empowerment through self-service", adding that in the long run it will "help financial institutions save money from fraudulent transactions and reduced administration costs".

Voice biometrics solutions and standards could be even more in demand, as a study by Juniper Research has predicted that mobile banking service adoption will reach more than half a million users by 2013.

The report indicates there will be 530 million users worldwide by next year, as such offerings become a fundamental part of the way in which banks are responding to the global financial crisis and looking for ways to boost customer retention and efficiencies.

"Mobile Banking will be one of the greatest success stories of the mobile commerce industry over the next five years, as consumers observe the benefits of accessing banking services on the move," author of the report, Sonia Lalli, said.

Biometric solutions are being used as part of the scheme being rolled out by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) across the country. This will see all 1.2 billion residents issued with a unique identity and number in order to help them access benefits, services, political and economic rights.

Morpho, the firm behind the technology being employed by the UIDAI, has announced that the 100 millionth number was assigned in December, with 120 million issued to date and a target of 600 million set by March 2014.

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