UK rapid technology adoption 'raises data protection concerns'

07 December 2011

Posted by Samuel Couratin

The rate at which people and businesses in the UK adopt new technology is faster than in other countries, it has been found.

However, 'The Converged Lifestyle' report from KPMG warns that this rapid adoption of innovations has increased concerns about data security and privacy.

According to the organization, new technology is "changing lifestyles and commercial landscapes around the globe", providing more choice and competition.

Despite fears about data protection standards, people in Britain were found to be increasingly willing to permit their personal information to be tracked if they receive something in return, which could offer substantial opportunities and is likely to raise the need for standards in this area.

Commenting on the report, Tudor Aw, European Head of Technology at KPMG, stated: "Whether it's retailers or banks, consumers want transparency as to what companies do about data security and they want third parties to certify this security."

With regards to the cloud, UK consumers were less willing to embrace storage on the web, with 53 per cent using such services, compared with a worldwide average of 65 per cent.

But almost two-thirds of consumers polled globally stated that they would like to be able to access their own medical data using mobile devices.

One threat that companies may wish to be vigilant against affecting their technology is that from drive-by downloads, with an expert recently warning that these are one of the biggest ways of spreading malware.

Graeme Batsman, Director of Data Defender, discussed ways in which cyber-criminals are attempting to compromise machines, explaining that malware infections come in a range of guises and are "often transmitted in emails by external links", with one in ten websites or more thought to be infected at present.

He explained that drive-by downloads are when "a website is hijacked and any user who visits the website is a target".

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