Individuals 'willing to provide biometric data for identity security'

04 November 2011

Posted by Samuel Couratin

People are becoming more willing to have their biometric information stored in order to keep their identities secure.

This is the claim made in a new report from Unisys, which has found that US residents are increasingly concerned about data security standards.

According to the study, 59.6 per cent are prepared to supply such data at airports, 56.7 per cent to reveal biometric details when banking and 53 per cent when accessing government benefits or other services.

It is important that organizations adhere tightly to data protection standards, as the poll revealed 53 per cent of Americans are prepared to take legal action against any agency found to have compromised their personal details.

Furthermore, three-quarters (76 per cent) of those questioned stated they would cease dealing with organizations if a security breach occurred and almost 90 per cent said they would take some form of action in such a situation.

"Given recent highly publicized breaches that have exposed large amounts of sensitive data, the results should be a wake-up call for organizations to take more proactive measures to protect customer data," declared Unisys Vice-President of Enterprise Security, Steve Vinsik.

The biannual Unisys Security Index revealed 87 per cent would change their passwords if an incident took place and almost 65 per cent would expose a firm publicly for allowing this to occur.

In addition, the survey of more than 1,000 people noted that only 21.3 per cent of people are prepared to provide biometric details to social media websites.

Biometric technology is moving into many different fields, with Sony reportedly using it to control games consoles.

It is understood to have received a patent for a solution that will measure biometric information such as the perspiration levels, heartbeats and muscle movements of players.

The design diagrams submitted for the application indicate that the monitoring systems are installed into a controller.

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