Food waste 'should be used for green energy generation'

12 September 2011

Posted by Michelle Devonshire

It is much better to use food waste produced in the UK to generate power than it is to send it to landfill.

This is the declaration made by an environmental author and campaigner, who has highlighted the potential offered by such rubbish to provide renewable power.

Tristram Stuart explained that there are "unavoidable elements of food waste", such as peel and the outer leaves of certain plants, which can be used to serve anaerobic digestion facilities.

He added the digestate produced in this process "can be used as a fertiliser on farms", offering a better system than landfill to dispose of food.

Mr Stuart's remarks come after British Gas and Bio Group revealed they are planning to construct a new plant that will take commercial food waste and transform it into renewable gas.

The anaerobic digestion facility will be located in Stockport and is expected to open next spring, with local restaurants, offices and hotels supplying it with enough rubbish to provide power for as many as 1,400 homes in the area.

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