Fujitsu strike 'highlights importance of business continuity'

07 September 2011

Posted by Samuel Couratin

The need for effective risk management has been highlighted by one expert following a decision by employees of Fujitsu to vote in favour of strike action.

According to the National Outsourcing Association (NAO) Chairman, Martyn Hart, strong disaster recovery and business continuity strategies should be put in place in the event of such incidents.

He pointed out that the industrial action will have an impact on organizations including the Office for National Statistics, HM Revenue & Customs and the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency, as the company is a supplier of each of them.

Mr Hart stated: "One way to avoid interruptions in supply is to utilise multi-sourcing. This strategy involves splitting work between various companies."

He added that organizations should reassess their disaster recovery plans to ensure they are robust.

A number of electronic and automotive businesses in the UK suffered supply chain disruptions and continuity problems in the wake of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which affected the distribution of components.

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