Food waste 'has increased since WWII'

31 August 2011

Posted by Samuel Couratin

There has been a sharp increase in food waste from around three per cent before World War II to an estimated 25 per cent in 2008.

This is according to an expert on the subject, who explained the UK throws away around 16 million tonnes of consumables, more than half (8.3 million tonnes) of which is turned into rubbish by households.

Emma Marsh of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign added that 3.6 million tonnes of produce are wasted annually by the grocery supply chain, 700,000 by hospitality businesses and organizations and the remainder by agriculture and out of homes users.

In addition, the waste management specialist stated that the UK is "producing a lot more now than before", noting "we've got greater affluence and food is a lower percentage of our income than many years ago".

Data from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs reveal that the proportion of overall household waste sent for reuse, recycling and composting climbed from 39.7 per cent during the 2009-10 financial year to 40.8 per cent over the 2010 calendar year, with production of rubbish declining by 2.1 per cent over the period.

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