Environmental management 'can reduce business costs'

19 August 2011

Posted by Michelle Devonshire

The amount of money it takes to run a business can be lowered by adopting environmental management practices such as monitoring energy use.

In addition, Business Cost Consultants Managing Director, Donald Maclean, advised companies to purchase power carefully in order to get the best deal available.

He stated that the costs of utilities such as gas, electricity and water have soared in recent years, "putting pressure on already tight profit margins" and advised investing in technology in order to reduce consumption.

"Whilst it may seem like an unnecessary cost to shell out for new equipment, in the long term there will be savings," Mr Maclean advised.

According to the expert, examining energy-efficiency rating labels on appliances, identifying areas where savings can be made, raising staff awareness and employing consultants can all enhance environmental management.

A recent study by IDC Energy Insights predicted utility companies in western Europe will considerably increase their spending on IT by 2015, with smart metering driving investment.

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