Eurocodes 'influence Scottish building design'

15 August 2011

Posted by Michelle Devonshire

The suggestion that glues may be harmful to health in the Eurocodes governing structural adhesives has influenced the design of a building in the Scottish Borders.

According to an article for, a house located on a hill above a valley in the region has been designed by architect Gaia and employed a wooden Brettstapel envelope.

The sensitive structure has been created for client Ian Nimmo using no nails or glue in order to complement its wooded surroundings and gained planning permission for its innovative low-carbon design.

Speaking to the news source, Gaia Architects Associate, Samuel Foster, stated: "We work on the precautionary principle and we haven't seen any evidence that these products aren't harmful to health."

The home has been built to Passivhaus standards and so is inherently airtight and low-energy.

Brettstapel is a solid timber construction system that provides a simple method of construction based on hardwood timber dowels connecting softwood posts.

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