Gold nanoparticles could provide quick flu tests

10 August 2011

Posted by Michelle Devonshire

Rapid and accurate tests for influenza could be given in the future as a result of research carried out by nanoscientists in the US.

The team of specialists from the University of Georgia has developed a new way of identifying the illness using gold nanoparticles, which are coated with antibodies that bind to strains of the virus.

It could be utilized during outbreaks of flu to detect cases within minutes by measuring the way in which particles scatter light.

Writing in the journal Analyst, the researchers pointed to the accuracy and low cost of the process, with study Co-Author, Jeremy Driskell, stating: "The test is something that can be done literally at the point-of-care. You take your sample, put it in the instrument, hit a button and get your results."

In further nanotechnology health news, scientists from the University of Glasgow and the University of Southampton recently unveiled a new method of cultivating stem cells using a nano-patterned plastic surface, which could assist in the future development of regenerative medicine.

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