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Environmental management enhances UPS supply chain efficiency

01 August 2011

Posted by Michelle Devonshire

Fuel efficiency has been enhanced by global distribution specialist UPS, the company has declared.

Environmental management measures employed by the company, alongside technology to reduce fuel use, have driven down consumption.

The Atlanta-based group has announced in a press release that conservation policy has contributed to a reduction in distance driven of 63.5 million miles during 2010 and of 68,000 metric tonnes in emissions.

In addition, its latest annual Sustainability Report revealed the amount of fuel used to deliver each package in the US has fallen by 3.3 per cent through improvements to driving behaviour and deploying the correct vehicles on the right routes for deliveries using routing technology.

UPS Chief Sustainability Officer, Scott Wicker, declared: "Fuel represents not only a major cost factor for UPS but also a major source of emissions that impact the environment."

Parcel volumes climbed for the firm last year by 1.8 per cent, with loading optimization helping to reduce vehicle numbers on the roads and telematics devices offering additional information to drivers.

Mr Wicker pointed out that such systems provide data that enables the business to "make small adjustments with big payoffs", such as pushing down the number of stops per mile.

UPS has also announced that its alternative fuel and advanced technology fleet of vehicles has completed more than 200 million miles since 2000 and its greenhouse gas inventory has received third-party verification and certification for the first time.

In addition to the global logistics company, UK retailer John Lewis Partnership has stated it has set a goal of reducing fuel usage by one million litres by adopting new technology across its heavy goods vehicle fleet, with all trucks supplying its Waitrose and John Lewis stores being fitted with Daimler FleetBoard telematics systems as part of its efforts to push down carbon dioxide emissions.

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