Green economy 'needs to accommodate energy-intensive firms'

27 July 2011

Posted by Michelle Devonshire

Those businesses that are energy intensive should be incorporated into the UK's green economy, it has been suggested.

According to the Trades Union Congress, the Government needs to plan for such companies for the future and encourage low-carbon manufacturing, but they must also innovate in order to ensure their continued survival.

The body has published a new report entitled 'Technology Innovation for Energy Intensive Industry in the United Kingdom' with the Energy Intensive Users Group (EIUG).

Created by the Centre for Low Carbon Futures, the study highlights the role played by sectors such as glass, steel, aluminium, chemicals and cement in the UK's economy and the need to ensure their continued success in the future, with an estimated 125,000 individuals employed by 2,800 energy-intensive firms.

"It is time Government examined how revenue from green taxes could support British industry in the demonstration and development of globally important decarbonization technologies," stated Jeremy Nicholson, EIUG Director.

On-site renewable energy technology could form part of the environmental management policies of firms in the future, a claim made recently by Roger Hollies, Director of organization Save & Generate.

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