Pressure vessels form part of subsea research programme

09 May 2011

Posted by Michelle Devonshire

A new facility that will carry out subsea tests features pressure vessels to examine a range of factors.

The centerpiece of the Balmoral Offshore Engineering test centre is a custom-built pressure test vessel that will be used in a range of applications, according to magazine Offshore.

Called PV6, it is thought to be the biggest unit of its kind to be made commercially available in Europe and has been custom built for the firm to enable hydraulic and electrical lines to be connected.

The company has invested millions of pounds in the subsea testing centre, which is located at its Aberdeen headquarters and will carry out experiments to ensure equipment performs effectively in the field.

Jim Milne, Balmoral Offshore Engineering Chairman and Managing Director, explained: "We have vessels that can test to sea water depth equivalents of 7,000 m (23,000 ft)."

Pressure vessels have been in the news recently after damage caused to the Fukushima nuclear energy plant in Japan was damaged in the earthquake on March 11th.

Containment technology is intended to shield against radiation, but radioactive water was found to have leaked from the reactors following the disaster and work has been carried out since the tremor to stabilize the facility.

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