Employee health and safety 'a key issue' for forward-thinking firms

04 March 2011

Posted by Samuel Couratin

Forward thinking companies are the businesses that are placing the most emphasis on employee health and safety, it has been claimed.

Carole Spiers, chief executive of the Carole Spiers Group, said a number of initiatives are being put into place by contemporary organisations who wish to make the health of their staff members one of the top priorities.

The industry figure recommended: "Make sure they have got drinking fountains, water containers near to them all the time and recommend that they drink plenty of water a day."

She added employees who care for their workers will receive more productivity from them, as their stress levels will be reduced.

Although more firms are starting to implement such strategies, too many are still failing to see the benefits they can bring, Ms Spiers added.

Writing recently for Gulf News, Ms Spiers described how an organisation she visited in Dubai hold monthly eco-lunches to help promote healthy eating within the corporation.

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