Businesses 'will embrace CCTV as prices fall'

02 March 2011

Posted by Samuel Couratin

The falling price of CCTV will encourage more businesses to install the security systems, one expert has predicted.

Editor of Tom Reeve explained cheaper costs and technological developments are bringing down the barriers that prevent companies installing cameras on their premises for monitoring purposes.

He noted insurance companies are "becoming more savvy" over the value of CCTV, but admitted the market for cameras in the retail sector "has pretty much reached saturation point".

The majority of stores, ranging from high street chains to smaller independent shops, already have CCTV systems installed, Mr Reeve observed.

His comments came as Crime Prevention Minister James Brokenshire announced a consultation regarding a new code of practice for the installation of cameras, which may require operators to fill in a checklist to establish whether they are completely necessary.

How are organizations ensuring they install and monitor detector-activated CCTV systems correctly?
Read more about BS 8418:2010 - Installation and remote monitoring of detector-activated CCTV systems. Code of practice.

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