Eurocodes advice about snow loads

10 December 2010

Posted by Michelle Devonshire

Roofs and structures may not be compliant with Eurocodes relating to snow and ice loads, it has been suggested.

With severe weather conditions sweeping across Europe, Sommer Mess-Systemtechnik has issued a warning about regulations.

The company stated older buildings may not be compliant with the new cross-European standards.

A measuring system has been created by the firm to measure and monitor snow loads daily using a new scale.

Testing of the system has been conducted in light of Eurocodes rules against traditional models to enhance the security of structures for customers.

The Eurocodes construction and civil engineering design standards came into force on March 31st 2010, at which time support was withdrawn for existing British Standards in favour of the European guidance.

Divided into ten sections and 58 parts, the codes are intended to harmonize building regulations and enhance the European market for construction products and engineering services.

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