Construction businesses 'failing to fully understand Eurocodes'

12 November 2010

Businesses in the UK building trade do not have an adequate grasp of Eurocodes, one industry expert has declared.

This is the view expressed by Paul Cowton of McBains Cooper, who suggested construction firms need to do more to adopt the new standards.

Eurocodes replaced British Standard guidance, which was withdrawn on March 31st this year, but Mr Cowton noted that research has indicated "the vast majority of construction industry professionals are blissfully unaware that Eurocodes are here".

The property and construction consultancy company has claimed professionalism in the industry is "falling short" with regards to the standards, with two out of three civil engineers claiming they do not feel comfortable using them.

He added that many professionals continue to design and specify buildings "to outdated British Standards since updates stopped" and described it as "a potentially massive issue" as one in three civil engineers have admitted to not receiving any Eurocodes training to date.

Comprising ten codes in 58 parts, Eurcodes are a set of harmonized standards for the European Union's construction industry.

Confused about Eurocodes? Visit BSI’s Eurocodes website for clarity

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