Citibank plans to implement voice biometrics

19 October 2010

Voice biometrics may soon be in place for customers using services provided by Citibank Australia.

The company is planning to implement the technology in order to identify individuals using the financial services institution within the next three months.

Biometric systems will initially be trialled by its collection department, with a pilot scheme launched six weeks ago to test systems and early adopters expected to sign up within three months.

The move was announced by chief executive Roy Gori, who also revealed the company has put tight security measures in place that have reduced its online banking fraud rates to almost zero.

He declared that voice biometrics could make the processing of calling the company much easier for customers.

Mr Gori explained he had attempted to fool the voice biometrics system by disguising his voice but had failed to do so.

Meanwhile, UK scientists from Southampton University recently unveiled a new system that uses ear biometrics for identification.

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