Polish bank unveils biometric cash machine

17 May 2010

A new cash machine that authenticates the identity of users by employing biometric technology has been launched in Poland, making it the first of its kind in Europe.

The system is intended to provide additional security for customers of bank BPS and has been fitted to an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), allowing people to make transactions without typing in their pin number.

It operates by recognizing the pattern of veins in fingerprints and is based on devices developed by Hitachi, which have been rolled out widely in Japan.

However, UK-based cash machine network operator LINK has stated there are currently no plans to deploy such technology across its 63,000 ATMs.

Head of Development at the firm, Graham Mott, said: "Biometrics are used quite widely and have been illustrated on ATMs for many years."

But, he added, the costs of deployment are "relatively high", complex databases need to be maintained and if the machine fails to recognize a customer "then that's a personal insult against your identity".

BS ISO/IEC 19794 is the series for biometric data interchange, including finger, face and iris dataADNFCR-1817-ID-19781280-ADNFCR

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