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BSOL – The reassuringly easy way to work with standards

Make life easier with one simple tool to track the standards you need

Managing standards can be hard work. The answer is BSOL. 

It’s a simple online tool that gives you instant access to standards you need.

With BSOL, it’s easy to build your own database of relevant standards. You can find what you need fast and stay right up to date – so you can avoid costly errors and work with confidence.

The challenge of keeping track

It’s often a battle to keep up with what’s relevant and monitor what has changed. It can take a lot of effort just to stay on top of the workload.

Know you're covered

Save time

Manage all your standards in one place. You can access ISO, EN, BS ASTM and IEC standards through BSOL – and it takes only seconds to search. 

Save money

Make standards even better value for money. Using BSOL gives you large savings on your traditional standards spend.

Miss nothing

Get an alert whenever a standard changes – and understand the significance immediately. Then view the differences to key standards, so you can track exactly how they’ve changed.

Reduce risk

Track past, present and future changes. With access to historic and emerging standards, you can see the guidance that informed previous decisions, as well as changes that could shape your future moves.

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Fit the way you work


Tailor your subscription

Subscribe only to the standards you need, use pre-built modules or build personal collections. You can also customise your service to however many users you have.

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Evolve at your own pace

Whichever standards you choose, you can still set up alerts and access all the bibliographic data from every standard in the system – so you can update your choices at any time.

See the bigger picture

Monitor which standards your users are working with, and easily spot gaps or overlaps.

Free and unlimited training

BSOL is easy to use – but our training team are here to give you extra support if you need it.

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BSOL Training Team

There is a dedicated BSOL team available, on hand to help you with your specific needs.

Available to help you either over the phone, online (via a webinar) or to visit your workplace for one-to-one or group sessions – whichever suits your needs.

These BSOL experts can help you with quick tips, or a more detailed overview if you’d like to see how BSOL can benefit your organization.

For further information and to discuss your requirements, please contact us:

  • +44 345 086 9001

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A Training Manager will be in touch within 48 working hours.


Success stories

  • Specsavers

"Knowing that we are being proactively kept up to speed with any changes gives ultimate reassurance that we are always fully compliant and operating in the best possible way."

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  •  Cranswick PLC

“BSOL is the reassurance that I was looking for in order for my engineers to carry out their jobs in a safe and legal manner”

Read case study here

To register your interest in BSOL, please contact a representative:

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