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Delivery and use of PDF download

We would like to highlight the Terms and Conditions of use when you buy and download PDF documents. In particular:

Clause 6, "Delivery of electronic publications"

This clause says that:

  • you are entitled to download one copy of each PDF onto a single computer
  • you must not copy or transfer that copy to any other computer
  • you must not send it to a third party unless the buyer is referring to actions in Clause 8.

Clause 8, “Restrictions on use”

This clause says that:

  • the PDF download document is not for resale
  • you cannot resell, loan or part with possession of the PDF unless with prior written consent from BSI
  • your details are watermarked on the PDF download document
  • the PDF is subject to copyright laws and that BSI owns the copyright of the document
  • if you want to sell, license or part with the PDF download document, or reuse the information to produce another product, you can only do this with prior written consent and if granted must pay the relevant royalty fee.

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