The standards on this page advice and guidance on a variety of areas  under utilities, including quality management systems, product specifications and documentation, and measurement processes. 


BS EN 8499:2009
Specification for domestic gas meter boxes and meter bracket

BS EN 14876:2007
Transportable gas cylinders. Periodic inspection and testing of welded steel pressure drums

BS EN 61400-25 series

BS EN ISO 19902:2007
Petroleum and natural gas industries. Fixed steel offshore structures

BS IEC 60515:2007
Nuclear power plants. Instrumentation important to safety. Radiation detectors. Characteristics and test methods  
BS ISO 24510:2007
Activities relating to drinking water and wastewater services. Guidelines for the assessment and for the improvement of the service to users 


Telecommunications Cabling: Guidance on Standards and Best Practice for Construction Projects By Mike Gilmore and Mani Manivannan

Hot and Cold Water Supply.
Third Edition

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