Oil and gas

There are hundreds of standards and publications relevant to oil and gas, from codes of practice for pipelines to guidelines on testing fuel.

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Key standards

BS 8537:2010
Copper and copper alloys. Plumbing fittings. Specification for press ends of plumbing fittings for use with metallic tubes

BS EN 14876:2007
BS EN 14876 is relevant to pressure drums used for carrying bulk industrial gasses (e.g. ammonia, sulphur dioxide and chlorine).

BS EN ISO 12156-1:2006
Diesel fuel. Assessment of lubricity using the high-frequency reciprocating rig (HFRR). Test method

BS 2869:2010
Fuel oils for agricultural, domestic and industrial engines and boilers. Specification

BS 7800:2006
Automotive fuel. High octane (super) unleaded petrol. Specification

BS EN 1473:2007
Installation and equipment for liquefied natural gas. Design of onshore installations

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