Acceptance levels for flaws in welds

The UK flaw assessment procedure BS 7910  has now been in use for over 30 years. Essentially, BS 7910 allows metallic structures to be assessed on the basis of fracture mechanics analysis rather than strict adherence to design and fabrication codes.

BS 7608:2014 gives methods for assessing the fatigue lift of parts of steel products that are subject to repeated fluctuations of stress. It is applicable to all areas of industrial application that are not covered by other British Standards containing fatigue assessment rules.

Note: Some British Standards have specific product acceptance tests for fatigue life, but do not have assessment rules. In such cases the guidance in this British Standard might be applicable for product development purposes.

Key standards

BS 7910:2013+A1:2015 (+Corr1) Guide to methods for assessing the acceptability of flaws in metallic structures 

BS 7608 Code of practice for fatigue design and assessment of steel structures (Amendment due 2015-2016)

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