Standards Outlook 2016
Construction and Built Environment

The digital revolution is reaching the Built Environment Sector and in the coming years is destined to radically change the ways in which the sector works. Whether we are looking at the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) for the collaborative design of structures, the need for ‘smart’ technology to be embedded in construction components or the increased use of prefabrication and off-site manufacture, such technological change will ultimately affect everyone in the industry.

People who work in the Built Environment will already be familiar with the standards developed by us over the decades that cover products, techniques, health and safety, design and much else, and will be used to working with these. But they may have had less exposure to the standards required to accommodate the changes that the rapid spread of digital technology will bring.

We have been busy thinking ahead about the standards that professionals will need to work with to build confidence with these new digital technologies and components. The Standards Outlook for Construction and Built Environment will bring you up-to-date with our standards development focus and the changing demands in the Built Environment Sector. It will also tell you what we are doing to create the standards demanded as a result of these fundamental shifts.

As the Built Environment changes at an ever-increasing speed, we are here to help industry understand, get involved in and shape what is happening.

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