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BSI Eurocodes PLUS is the only online tool, that pulls together disparate information from Eurocodes related documents into one place; and integrates and delivers that information based on a problem/solution perspective rather than on a document by document basis.

It will help you to: Managing change; manage the transition Confidence Save time – stop wasting valuable resources Demonstrate to your clients you’re using the right standards.



BSI Eurocodes PLUS will enable you to:

  • Manage the transition from the old codes to the new Eurocodes by giving you expert guidance and enabling you to view and compare documents side by side
  • Bid for tenders using the most current Eurocodes documents
  • Save time when finding the correct Eurocode for any given project
  • Share notes and learnings with colleagues creating a centre of excellence and reducing the company learning curve
  • Locate and use all the correct relevant document to solve a structural problem or issue
  • Have a sense of security and reliability as this information is continually updated and tagged by BSI
  • Effectively manage projects within your organization. The collaborative feature helps knowledge transfer and helps embed best practice up and down the supply chain to promote consistency and management of workflows.
  • Give a level of assurance to your customers that your organization is proactive in it organizational collaboration.



The main features of BSI Eurocodes PLUS are:

1. Collaboration

  • Ability for users to add their own notes to document content
  • Collaboration feature - your notes can be shared with others in your company or kept private if you prefer
  • Comment on notes made by others
  • Use workspaces to share information with others
  • Upload your own documents to workspaces
  • Share Dynamic Documents with others.

2. Active content

  • Integrated database of Eurocodes, UK National Annexes and supporting NCCIs with the addition of superseded British Standards and BS execution standards
  • Specially commissioned Expert Comments to aid in the interpretation of the codes
  • Fully searchable XML content
  • Enable you to view clause by clause content interlinked to the old and corresponding documents.

3. Flexibility/Customization

  • Create 'Dynamic Documents' by clipping exerts from different documents and saving them
    Be updated on document changes, comments added via the 'My Workspace' area
  • View more than one document at the same time
  • Browse documents using a specially indexed faceted filter (what is this)
  • Customise your 'My Workspace' dashboard by selecting the widgets you wish to display and set time criteria for the content
  • Create your own personal references by bookmarking very specific sections of content
  • Link to related documents outside of Eurocodes Online as well as within the tool.


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