BS 8599-1 Workplace first aid kits. Specification for the contents of workplace first aid kits

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BS 8599-1:2011

Workplace first aid kits. Specification for the contents of workplace first aid kits

Status : Current, Superseded, Work in hand   Published : June 2011 Replaced By : BS 8599-1:2019



BS 8599-1 Workplace first aid kits. Specification for the contents of workplace first aid kits

If you manufacture, supply or specify first aid kits for the workplace, then you'll need to know what contents should be included.

Until now, there have been few guidelines on what a first aid kit should contain. And what guidelines do exist, are out of date.

So, in an emergency, businesses can find their kits lack the essentials, or include outdated and inadequate components. And some kits currently in use are full of waste components that first aiders can't use.

Often, kits don’t contain enough wipes, plasters or sacks in which to dispose of dressings. So employers might have to buy additional supplies to supplement their kit.

The standard recommends the correct number of plasters etc for small, medium, large or travel-size kits and also recommends how many kits are needed depending on the size of the organization.

Conformity to the standard will mean that anyone using the kit, and patients, are protected from inferior first aid materials.

Compliance with this standard demonstrates that your kits are a better product and enable customers to better meet their heath and safety obligations under the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidelines.

If you were able to make kits that perfectly fit your customers’ needs, you could sell more. If employers are able to buy kits with all the correct components, they won't have to purchase additional first aid supplies, which could reduce spend.

So, the standard is good for manufacturers and users of first aid kits.

BS 8599-1 is the standard that sets the minimum level that first aid kits should conform to. BS 8599 is written so that manufacturers of kits and anyone that assembles workplace first aid kits is producing them to the specific minimum requirements.

Requirements are also given for the container holding the components.

Workplace first aid kits can be complemented by other items that have been identified during a risk assessment if necessary. Where there are unusual hazards that are specific to a particular undertaking or workplace environment, such as the use of hydrofluoric acid, workplace first aid kits should be supplemented with additional, appropriate components.

The standard also gives recommendations on the amount and size of the first aid kits necessary for different workplace environments based on the category of risk and the number of employees at the workplace.

Requirements are also given concerning marking and information to be supplied by manufacturers.

Who would use this standard?

BS 8599-1 is intended for use by:

  • Buyers of first aid of kits
  • Manufacturers first aid of kits
  • Anyone compiling the contents of a first aid kit
  • Procurers of kits for employers.

Contents of BS 8599-1 include:

  • Scope
  • Normative references
  • Terms and definitions
  • Contents of a workplace first aid kit
  • Container
  • Marking
  • Guidance on first aid kit sizes for a workplace environment
  • Bibliography
  • Table of contents of a workplace first aid kit
  • Table of guidance of first aid kit sizes for a workplace environment

It will support the requirement for all employers to have a first aid kit as in the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) L74 guidelines will also reference this standard.

You can download HSE’s First aid at work document as a PDF.

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Standard NumberBS 8599-1:2011
TitleWorkplace first aid kits. Specification for the contents of workplace first aid kits
StatusCurrent, Superseded, Work in hand
Publication Date30 June 2011
Confirm Date01 November 2016
Cross ReferencesBS EN 455-1, BS EN 455-2, ISO 7010:2011, HSE L 74
Replaced ByBS 8599-1:2019
Draft Superseded By11/30234645 DC
DescriptorsOccupational safety, Containers, First-aid kits, First aid, Emergency equipment, Medical equipment, Marking
ISBN978 0 580 72884 6
File Size46 KB

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