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BS 8888:2011

Technical product documentation and specification

Status : Revised, Superseded, Withdrawn   Published : December 2011 Replaced By : BS 8888:2013

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What is BS 8888?

BS 8888:2011 brings together, in one easy-to-follow document, all international standards needed to prepare technical product specifications (TPS), in accordance with geometrical product specification principles.

BS 8888 helps you to make better use of the ISO system of product specification because it covers more than just engineering drawing: instead you will find all aspects of technical product specification, including, for instance, the use of 3D CAD models to define component geometry are demonstrated.

Benefits of BS 8888

BS 8888 ensures you will:

  • Have access to one reference source with all information 
  • Speak the same language when specifying and graphically representing products 
  • Are precise in their application by leaving no room for misinterpretation 
  • Help the smooth transfer of design concept to manufacturing process 
  • Shorten product development time 
  • Increase speed to market

Why has BS 8888 been upgraded?

This revision of BS 8888 introduces the new international documentation and geometrical product specification standards published since the 2008 edition. It also incorporates more fully than previous editions some of the fundamental requirements of the key international standards relevant to the preparation of technical product specifications, in particular BS EN ISO 1101 on geometrical tolerancing and BS EN ISO 5459 on datums.

These changes to the structure and content of BS 8888 are intended to make the standard more user friendly for the UK industry. The inclusion of fundamental requirements and principles will help you better understand and implement the full complement of International Standards developed by ISO/TC 213, Geometrical product specifications and verification, and ISO/TC 10, Technical product documentation.

Standard NumberBS 8888:2011
TitleTechnical product documentation and specification
StatusRevised, Superseded, Withdrawn
Publication Date31 December 2011
Withdrawn Date31 December 2013
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)BS 6615, BS EN ISO 5458, BS EN ISO 14405-1, BS EN 80000-13, BS EN ISO 8826-1, BS EN ISO 1660, BS EN ISO 15785, BS 5070-4, BS EN ISO 6410-3, BS EN ISO 80000-8, ISO 14405-1:2010, BS EN ISO 3952-1, BS EN ISO 3098-4, BS EN ISO 1, BS EN ISO 6412-2, BS ISO 128-23, BS EN ISO 128-21, BS ISO 128-25, BS EN ISO 81714-1, BS EN ISO 11562, BS EN ISO 13565-2, BS EN ISO 9222-1, BS ISO 406, BS EN ISO 80000-6, BS ISO 128-30, BS EN ISO 3098-5, BS EN 22553, BS EN ISO 13565-1, BS EN ISO 6413, BS EN ISO 7083, BS EN ISO 5261, BS EN ISO 4287, BS EN ISO 8785, BS EN ISO 1119, BS EN ISO 2203, BS ISO 128-40, BS EN ISO 3952-2, BS EN ISO 14660-2, BS EN ISO 3098-0, BS EN 80000-14, BS EN ISO 3952-4, BS 1916-1, BS EN ISO 3098-6, BS EN ISO 5456-3, BS EN ISO 10209-2, BS EN ISO 1302, BS EN ISO 14253-1, BS 5070-3, BS 3238-2, BS EN ISO 6412-1, BS 7010, BS EN ISO 5457, BS EN ISO 2692, BS EN ISO 10135, BS EN ISO 9222-2, BS EN ISO 12085, BS EN ISO 26909, BS 2917-1, BS EN ISO 3098-2, BS EN ISO 8015:2011, BS ISO 128-24:1999, BS ISO 129-1:2018, BIP 2155, BS EN ISO 7200:2004, BS EN ISO 1101:2005, BS EN ISO 11442:2006
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS EN 22768-1, BS ISO 16016, PD 68888, BS 4827, BS EN 22768-2, BS 8887, BS 4235-2, BS 4235-1, BS ISO 965-1, BS EN ISO 5456-1, BS 3643-1, BS ISO 262, BS ISO 261, BS 3643-2, BS EN ISO 216, ISO/TR 14638
Replaced ByBS 8888:2013
ReplacesBS 8888:2008
Draft Superseded By11/30234091 DC
DescriptorsDrawings, Data security, Data storage, Abbreviations, Data representation, Dimensions, Graphic symbols, Graphic representation, Product specification, Technical documents, Documents, Surfaces, Engineering drawings, Technical drawing, Dimensional tolerances, Symbols, Marking, Diagrams
ISBN978 0 580 72757 3
File Size1.476 MB

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