PAS 92:2011 Code of practice for the implementation of a biometric system

PAS 92:2011

Code of practice for the implementation of a biometric system

Status : Current   Published : June 2011



What is this PAS about?

It covers how users should go about choosing and using any biometric recognition system which verifies people’s identity.

Who is this PAS for?

  • Biometric system suppliers
  • Managers and procurement officials considering the purchase of a biometric system in e.g. construction, local authorities (including health and education) and emergency services
  • Specialist security suppliers
  • Licensing trade and nightclub managers

Why should you use this PAS?

It supplies practical recommendations and a checklist for the successful procurement, implementation and operation of biometrics systems.

It covers the data protection and privacy concerns associated with the use of biometrics including users’ obligations under data privacy legislation and the Equality Act 2010 when collecting people’s biometric data.

Use of the PAS can also give reassurance to senior management, customers and stakeholders that activity associated with the biometric system is aligned with best practice.

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Standard NumberPAS 92:2011
TitleCode of practice for the implementation of a biometric system
Publication Date22 June 2011
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)No other standards are informatively referenced
DescriptorsData processing, Information exchange, Human body, Identification methods, Biometrics, Data representation, Interfaces (data processing), Data input, Data integrity, Data transfer, Data security, Data acquisition, Purchasing, Performance, Approval testing, Performance testing
ISBN978 0 580 69851 4
File Size1.041 MB

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