BS 3900-0 Methods of test for paints. Index of test methods

BS 3900-0:2010

Methods of test for paints. Index of test methods

Status : Confirmed, Current   Published : May 2010



BS 3900-0:2010 Methods of test for paints. Index of test methods

If you supply, use or test paints or varnishes or are familiar with paint testing standards, such as BS EN ISO 2409, BS 3900-E6:2007 Paints and varnishes. Cross-cut test or BS EN ISO 2808, BS 3900-C5:2007 Paints and varnishes. Determination of film thickness then this new British Standard provides you with:

  • A comprehensive list of all the current references for general test methods for paints and varnishes
  • References to previous versions of the same test
  • Details of the committee responsible for the standard, the ISO identifier for dual-numbered standards for which the BS 3900 designation is the primary identifier, and references of previous CEN or ISO standards if the number in the identifier has changed.

Using BS 3900-0 will help you to find the correct version of a test, or find a test method that you might not already be aware of. BS3900 Part 0 will be most useful if you use several of the methods listed.

BS 3900-0 has been fully revised to include the principal changes. This part of BS 3900 tabulates the standards available for testing paints and varnishes. It contains no test methods.

BS 3900 now includes tables listing the standards, with current and previous identifiers.

The test procedures and conditions are now described in other standards, so those have been removed.

Standards for testing paints and varnishes are published under many different identifiers (standards numbers). Many of these are derived from the identifier of the corresponding international standard (e.g. BS EN ISO 9514) while others remain in the BS 3900 series
(e.g. BS 3900-A5). Most of these standards are listed in this document.

Content and usage of BS 3900-0

BS 3900-0 provides tables that detail standards relating to methods for testing paints and allied materials, including methods for evaluating performance.

New standards could be added to this series, usually implementing corresponding ISO methods.

BS3900 does not list all methods of test for paints. Other test methods for paint are given in BS 3483, BS 3962 and BS 6782.

Contents of BS 3900-0 contain:

  • Scope
  • Content and usage of BS 3900-0
  • Using the tables
  • Bibliography
  • List of tables
  • Tests on liquid paints (excluding chemical tests)
  • Tests involving chemical examination of liquid paints and dried paint films
  • Tests associated with paint film formation
  • Optical tests on paint films
  • Mechanical tests on applied coatings
  • Durability and environmental tests on paint films
  • Evaluation of paint and varnish defects
  • Testing of coating powders
  • Tests for release of biocides from antifouling paints
  • Electrochemical methods
  • Miscellaneous

This part of BS 3900 supersedes BS 3900-0:1989+A1:1992, which has been withdrawn.


Other standards for paint tests:

BS 3483-0:1990 Methods for testing pigments for paints. General introduction

BS EN ISO 787-19:1995, BS 3483-C9:1995
General methods of test for pigments and extenders. Determination of water-soluble nitrates (Salicylic acid method)

BS 3962-1:1980
Methods of test for finishes for wooden furniture. Assessment of low angle glare by measurement of specular gloss at 85°

BS 6782-1:1987, ISO 3251-1974
Binders for paints. Method for determination of volatile and non-volatile content

BS EN ISO 3681:1998, BS 6782-2:1996
Binders for paints and varnishes. Determination of saponification value. Titrimetric method

Standard NumberBS 3900-0:2010
TitleMethods of test for paints. Index of test methods
StatusConfirmed, Current
Publication Date31 May 2010
Confirm Date15 May 2020
Normative References(Required to achieve compliance to this standard)No other standards are normatively referenced
Informative References(Provided for Information)BS 3962, BS 6782, BS 3483
ReplacesBS 3900-0:1989
Draft Superseded By09/30190473 DC
DescriptorsPaints, Coatings, Varnishes
ISBN978 0 580 64646 1
File Size726 KB

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