Structures of buildings

Key standards:

BS 8572:2018 Procurement of facility-related services. Code of practice
BS 8536-1:2015 Briefing for design and construction. Code of practice for facilities management (Buildings infrastructure)
BS 6349-2:2019 Maritime works. ode of practice for the design of quay walls, jetties and dolphins
BS 6349-5:2016 Maritime works. Code of practice for dredging and land reclamation
BS EN 1381:2016 Timber structures. Test methods. Load bearing stapled joints
BS EN 1382:2016 Timber Structures. Test methods. Withdrawal capacity of timber fasteners
BS EN 14358:2016 Timber structures. Calculation and verification of characteristic values
BS EN 1075:2014 Timber structures. Test methods. Joints made with punched metal plate fasteners
BS EN 1383:2016 Timber structures. Test methods. Pull through resistance of timber fasteners
BS EN 1090-3:2019 Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures. Technical requirements for aluminium structures
BS EN 1090-2:2018- TC   Tracked Changes. Execution of steel structures and aluminum structures. Technical requirements for steel structures
PD 6697:2019-TC   Recommendations for the design of masonry structures to BS EN 1996-1-1 and BS EN 1996-2
BS 3632:2015 Residential park homes. Specification
BS EN 338:2016 Structural timber. Strength classes
BS EN 33:2019 WC pans and WC suites. Connecting dimensions
BS EN ISO 16484-5:2017 Building automation and control systems (BACS). Data communication protocol
BS ISO 15686-7:2017 Buildings and constructed assets. Service life planning. Performance evaluation for feedback of service life data from practice
BS EN 16798-1:2019 Energy performance of buildings. Ventilation for buildings. Indoor environmental input parameters for design and assessment of energy performance of buildings addressing indoor air quality, thermal environment, lighting and acoustics. Module M1-6
BS ISO 16817:2017 Building environment design.Indoor environment. Design process for the visual environment
BS ISO 15686-5:2017 Buildings and constructed assets. Service life planning. Life-cycle costing
BS EN 13489:2017 Wood-flooring and parquet. Multi-layer parquet elements
BS EN 14081-2:2018 Timber structures. Strength graded structural timber with rectangular cross section. Machine grading; additional requirements for type testing
BS EN 14354:2017 Wood-based panels. Wood veneer floor coverings
BS EN 1910:2016 Wood flooring and wood panelling and cladding. Determination of dimensional stability
BS EN 14298:2017 Sawn timber. Assessment of drying quality
BS EN 15330-2:2017 Surfaces for sports areas. Synthetic turf and needle-punched surfaces primarily designed for outdoor use. pecification for needle-punched surfaces for tennis and multi-sport surfaces
BS EN 14836:2018 Surfaces for sports areas. Synthetic surfaces for outdoor sports areas. Test method for artificial weathering
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