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Withdrawn Standards

Why withdrawn standards?

Withdrawn standards are essential for legal cases, historical research or when maintaining old machinery. They offer a unique insight into industrial history and often are the only source of historic technical information.

What is available from the Knowledge Centre

BSI Knowledge Centre’s comprehensive collection includes all withdrawn standards, dating from 1903, from both the general and special (e.g. marine and aerospace) series and codes of practice. Over 40,000 of these withdrawn British Standards are now available in PDF.

Each amended version of a standard is available so you can consult the standard that was in use during a specific time period, or trace developments in a particular standard. We hold catalogues of BSI publications and superseded editions of other BSI publications. There is also a collection of material of historical interest relating to the organisation, such as the Royal Charter and Annual Reports. 

How can I view withdrawn standards?

  • Withdrawn standards can be purchased in PDF or hard copy and can be dispatched within one working day.
  • BSI members are entitled to 50% discount, free postage and can buy on their membership account.
  • BSI Members can also view withdrawn and current British Standards plus a wide range of national and international standards at our Chiswick building. In order to maintain the integrity of the collections and prevent wear and tear on standards, withdrawn items are not available for loan.

To purchase or make an enquiry about a particular withdrawn British Standard, please contact the Knowledge Centre:

What withdrawn standards are available?

Withdrawn standards offer a unique insight into industrial history.

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