Cross-selling opportunities

Increase your revenue by informing your customers about kits, books and CDs when they inquire about standards.



I need to purchase ISO 9000.


Alert the customer to the three individual standards: 9000, 9001 and 9004.

Also discuss availability of the ‘presentation set’ (BIP 2039) containing the three standards plus the book ‘Achieving Registration’ and the ‘Achieving Registration’ CD-ROM (BIP 3024) - contents the same as the presentation set.

Other books to mention are ‘Beyond Registration‘ (BIP 2020) and ‘Achieving Registration’ (HB 10218).


I need to purchase ISO 14001 - Environmental management.


Alert the customer to the complete 14001 series (18 standards) on CD-ROM (BIP 3023), the ‘presentation set’ (BIP 2070) - contents BS EN ISO14001, BS ISO 14004, BS EN ISO 19011 ‘Guidelines for quality and/or environmental management systems auditing’ and the book ‘Auditing the ISO 19011 Way’.


I need to purchase the information security standard.


Alert the customer to Kit 20, consisting of both parts of the standard for a reduced price.


A more informed customer and more revenue for you, the distributor.


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