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Eurocodes Events Series 2010

Everything you need to know about the Structural Eurocodes

The recent introduction of the Structural Eurocodes represents the biggest single change in construction standards to date. Made up of ten parts, this new set of harmonised European standards officially replaced the existing British Standards on March 31 2010.

Although many within the industry have already adopted Eurocodes, implementing the new standards presents a number of challenges, not least the cost and time commitments involved. For this reason, BSI Conferences are holding a series of events that will boost your knowledge and help ease your transition to Eurocodes:

Eurocodes Conference Eurocodes Masterclasses

BSI's 2nd Annual Eurocodes Conference will provide an overall examination of the benefits of Eurocodes implementation, and how the construction industry has adapted to the new standards.

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BSI's Eurocodes Masterclasses will provide you with detailed technical information about the Eurocodes most relevant to you. The next set of Masterclasses will take place in Birmingham in July.

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Who should attend?

The Eurocodes Conference and Masterclasses are essential for anyone involved in the UK construction industry, including:
  • Structural Engineers
  • Civil Engineers
  • Architects
  • Designers
  • Manufacturers/producers of construction products
  • Contractors
  • Software developers

The Eurocodes

The structural Eurocodes are divided into 10 areas:

Base Eurocode - Basis of structural design
Needed for use with all other Eurocodes

Eurocode 1 Series - Action on structures
Eurocodes and related information on loading

Eurocode 2 Series - Design of concrete structures
Eurocodes and related information on concrete

Eurocode 3 Series - Design of steel structures
Eurocodes and related information on steel structures

Eurocode 4 Series - Design on composite steel and concrete structures
Eurocodes and related information on composites

Eurocode 5 Series - Design of timber structures
Eurocodes and related information on timber

Eurocodes 6 Series - Design of masonry structures
Eurocodes and related information on masonry

Eurocode 7 Series - Geotechnical design
Eurocodes and related information on geotechnics

Eurocode 8 Series - Design of structures for earthquake resistance
Eurocodes and related information on seismic regions

Eurocode 9 Series - Design of aluminium structures
Eurocodes and related information on aluminium

Sponsorship Opportunities

BSI are renowned for producing high quality conferences, masterclasses and briefings across a wide range of industries. We combine the sector-specific insight of our research committees with the creativity and professionalism of our in-house conferences team to deliver timely and informative events of the highest calibre.

We understand that different companies have different marketing and business objectives - that’s why the sponsorship and exhibition opportunities we offer are truly bespoke and designed to meet your needs and expectations. If you would like to engage with high-level delegates and industry experts, whilst at the same time aligning your company with an award-winning brand, then we can create a package that ticks all of your boxes.

Our range of sponsorship packages will help you:
  • Showcase your products and services to senior decision makers in your industry
  • Increase brand awareness within your target market
  • Differentiate your products and services from those of your competitors
  • Maintain existing relationships and generate new leads for future business

For further details on our sponsorship opportunities and how they can augment your marketing strategy, please contact:

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