Sustainable IT & Energy Efficient Data Centres

Sustainable IT & Energy Efficient Data Centres

12 February 2013

Etc Venues, London Victoria

The digital revolution has seen IT’s global carbon footprint rise to equal that of the aviation sector. The production, use and disposal of constantly evolving IT infrastructure have implications for environmental, social and economic factors. As a result, organizations are increasingly being challenged to manage their operational expenditure more effectively.

Join us on Tuesday 12th February 2013 in London and make a positive impact on energy-usage and other resources. Meet other like-minded professionals committed to increasing their understanding of sustainability in order to achieve excellence and make a difference.

A smarter use of IT does not only drive down costs but cuts carbon emissions through other factors such as staff travel via mobile working, video conferencing, etc. Our expert panel of speakers will share their experiences and best practice on the application of IT and minimising its resource-use at the same time.

In addition you will:

  • Find out about current legislation and government initiatives
  • Learn about data-centre designs
  • Discover more about the effective management of ICT
  • Understand how the efficient use of ICT contributes to the wider business your experiences and have questions answered by an expert panel.

Have the chance to attend various workshops and suggest solutions for providing better interoperability of products and services. This unique event offers opportunities for business development and will inspire you to establish your position in sustainable IT.

09:00-10:00 Registration

10:00-10.30 Introduction to BSI and update on current standardization activity

David Fatscher, Head of Market Development, Sustainability, BSI

Jean Stride, Committee Manager, BSI

10:30-10.50 Keynote

Steven Norris, President, Data Centre Alliance

10:50-11:00 Questions and answers

11:00-11:20 Morning Tea and Coffee

11:20-11:40 Current Legislation/Government initiatives and looking forward (EEDO - EC Mandate 2012)

Christopher Hobley, Deputy Director, DECC

11:40-12:15 Efficient ICT

Data-centre designs - the risk balance between efficiency and availability, and IT utilisation within the data-centre

Dr Ian Bittlerlin, CT, Ark Continuity

12:15-12:30 Sustainable Management of IT and the Enterprise

Ian Brooks, Principal Consultant, Mustikka Limited

12:45-14:00 Lunch

Afternoon Workshop Sessions – delegates will be divided in 4 groups and rotate during the afternoon

14:00-14.10 Chairman’s briefing – Afternoon Workshops

14:10-15:25 Workshop 1 Facilitated by DECC/Defra Representative

Engagement with Policy Makers and Industry

  • How can BSI best align its services with policy makers, noting existing initiatives from the Technology Strategy Board, DECC and Defra?
  • How can relevant industry communities / programmes be better connected with standards making?
  • What are the practicalities of developing, disseminating and maintaining a Sustainable IT standards strategy that meets the need of all stakeholders

14:10-15:25 Workshop 2 Facilitated by David Fatscher, BSI

Aligning the Sustainable IT standards strategy with the wider “energy efficiency” standards programme

  • How can we avoid duplication, or incompatibility, of work across related areas (eg Smart Grid)?
  • How can the profile of Sustainable IT standardization be raised and aligned with these initiatives?
  • Which other ‘sustainability’ organizations should BSI be engaging with?

14:10-15:25 Workshop 3 Facilitated by Ian Brooks, Principal Consultant, Mustikka Limited

New standards for Sustainable IT products and services

15:25-15:50 Tea and Coffee

15:50-16:20 Feedback Plenary

16:20 Chairman's closing remarks

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