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BS 8551 — Provision and management of temporary water 
supplies and distribution networks. Code of practice.

New standard offers guidance on ensuring a safe temporary water supply

Understand how to avoid sickness on sites and subsequent litigation
and/or the closure of sites made unsafe due to poor or contaminated water

BSI has developed the new standard BS 8551:2011, which focuses on monitoring, auditing and checking water supply to minimize risk and save the costly hassle of contaminated water supplies.

Although standards exist to tackle difficulty in sampling drinking water and the design and supply of domestic water, little or no guidance has advised on best practice for supply water to temporary events or sties. From caravan parks, to construction sites to festivals and more, this standard offers practical guidance on tackling the difficulties associated with correct operations for cleaning and checking water supplies in these temporary situations. 

Specifically relating to the supply of water that has already been treated to make it safe for drinking, BS 8551 understands and hopes to pre-empt the risk to anyone in contact with water furnished by poor water supplies.

Main purpose:

  • The primary purpose is to ensure a wholesome water supply
  • To demonstrate due diligence in relation to water law and health and safety law as well as to help users understand guidelines and why they are in place
  • To demonstrate all procedural steps have been carried out
  • To attempt to reduce risk of contamination and bugs such as E. coli

Gives recommendations and guidance on procedure for:

  • Gauging the suitability of wholesome water supply
  • Connecting to permanent distribution pipe work for extraction purposes, avoiding contamination risks
  • Installing temporary water storage vessels and temporary pipe work for distribution of water while avoiding contamination risks
  • Supply, maintaining and cleaning vessels used in transportation or as supply points
  • Disinfection procedures for vessels
  • Storage and quality control of bottled water stocks intended for temporary supply
  • Management of supplies to package welfare facilities such as canteens and washrooms

Each speaker will be followed by 20 minute Q & A session:

Topics include:

  • Introduction to and history of BS 8551
  • BS 8551 and its application within the Olympics
  • Providing potable water to temporary events
  • Regulatory requirements around temporary water supply
  • Good water sampling practice
  • Risk assessment for Legionella

With presentations by:

  • Mike Newton of Atkins, official engineering design services provider for London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.
  • Claire Pollard, Deputy Chief Inspector (Science and Strategy), Drinking Water Inspectorate
  •  Adrian Mills, Managing Director of Watermills, providers of temporary water supplies
  • Dr John Lee, Director and Consultant Clinical Scientist at Leegionella Ltd.
  • Tim White, Chairman of BSI committee Water Quality - Water Sampling

Co-sponsorsed by:

  • Water Science Forum

BS 8551 offers guidance for a myriad of professionals and organizations with temporary water supply needs - from festivals to construction sites.

Interested parties include:

  • Venue operators
  • Installation engineers
  • Construction sites
  • Holiday caravan/camp sites
  • Local government agencies
  • Portable water suppliers
  • Mobile/outside caterers

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