3rd Annual Conference & Workshop:

Energy Management 2010

16-17 September 2010, London

Save money and the environment by improving your energy efficiency

Ask yourself the following question: is my business doing everything it can to cut energy consumption, costs and carbon emissions? If the answer is ‘no’ or ‘yes but’, it’s time to review your energy management system.

Attend BSI’s 3rd Annual Energy Management Conference to find out how to make significant energy efficiency gains using standards. Through discussion sessions and cases studies, you’ll learn how to implement BS EN 16001 and ISO 14001 in order to minimize energy usage and reduce green house gas emissions. You’ll also hear about ISO 50001, a brand new standard covering energy management systems.

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5 reasons why you can’t afford to miss this conference:

  • Hear from leading energy management experts involved in developing the latest standards
  • Get practical advice on improving your energy management processes and embedding relevant standards, such as BS EN 16001
  • Hear how other companies have improved their energy efficiency and cut costs using standards
  • Find out about new regulatory incentives and the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme
  • Network with your industry peers over coffee or a glass of wine.

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Agenda - Thursday 16 September

Chairman’s Introduction

  • BS EN 16001 – one year on
  • Overview and update
Martin Fry
BS EN 16001 Committee Chairman, ESTA
Visiting Professor, City University

Cinderella is going to the ball: energy management as the number one energy priority

  • DECC’s number one priority
  • Reflection on the past 10 years – what was missed and what we should learn
  • Growing energy services demands
  • Current issues for the industry.
Andrew Warren
Director, Association for the Conservation of Energy

Energy management system – a vehicle for positive change

  • Why implement the EnMS?
  • How it can help you to achieve the energy efficiency goals and improve compliance
  • Costs and challenges
  • Identifying job roles and responsibilities
Alan Aldridge
Executive Director, Energy Services and Technology Association

Valuation of energy savings

  • Need for objective assessment
  • Why performance indicators don't work
  • Vital clue in BS EN 16001:2009
  • Concept of 'avoided energy consumption'
  • Calculation methods
  • Verification protocols
Vilnis Vesma
Director, Degree Days Direct Ltd

Energy campaigns

  • Why employee engagement matters
  • Awareness in relation to BS EN 16001
  • Potential costs and savings
  • Motivation and awareness
  • Key elements of effective campaigns
  • Maintaining momentum
John Mulholland
Director, NIFES Consulting Group

Effective delivery of 16001 through education and training

  • Why education and training is critical to achieving the standard
  • How investment in education and training helps the bottom line
  • What forms of education and training might be relevant for the energy manager and his/her team
Sarah Beacock
FEI, Professional Affairs Director, Energy Institute

Discussion session:
Energy management qualification requirements - training & awareness

  • Personality drive and energy management
  • Keeping up with new regulations
Martin Fry
Chairman, BS EN 16001 Committee
Chairman, ESTA
Visiting Professor, City University

John Mulholland
Director, NIFES Consulting Group

Vilnis Vesma
Director, Degree Days Direct Ltd

Energy management standards in practice

Web based templates for BS EN 16001 compliance

  • A framework for compliance
  • Simpler remote auditing
  • Document control made easy
  • Allows time to focus on managing energy
Tim Holman
Energy Services Manager, TEAM

Case Study BS EN 16001 – Implementation and integration into ISO 14001

  • Northern Rail overview
  • Interpretation of the standard
  • Step by step integration of 16001 into 14001
  • Data, data, data
  • Challenges & opportunities
Gareth Williams
Energy Solutions Manager, Northern Rail

Regulation update

Energy Management System Standard ISO 50001

  • Why the new standard?
  • Overview of ISO 50001
  • Relationship with BS EN 16001
  • The UK response to the Draft
  • International Standard (DIS)
Martin Fry
BS EN 16001 Committee Chairman, ESTA
Visiting Professor, City University

CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

  • Early days of implementation
  • Understand how the CRC applies to different organizations
  • How to assess your organization's structure
  • Do you qualify for the CRC?
  • CRC Participant and Information Disclosure
Alessandra McConville
CRC/carbon strategies consultant, Independent Consultant

Case Study – London Underground: Reducing the impact from the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

  • London Underground overview
  • LU’s climate change strategy
  • CRCEES impact
  • Key initiatives for improving Carbon & Energy efficiency
    - Assets
    - Corporate behaviour
    - Employee engagement
  • The Carbon Trust Standard
  • The next steps
Matthew Webb
Climate Change Strategy Manager, London Underground

Post-Conference Workshop, 17 September 2010

Certification of Energy Management System - practical guidance

  • Introduction
  • Legislative Background
  • Development of energy standards
  • BS EN 16001:2009
  • EMS and EnMS: to combine or not to combine?
  • Managing Energy aspects
  • Energy Management Systems (EnMS) Documentation Requirements
  • Series of practical exercises
Andrew Burns-Warren
Product Manager, NQA

Who should attend?

  • Organizations considering implementing BS EN 16001 or wishing to understand the fundamentals
  • Organizations wishing to reduce energy costs
  • Those responsible for implementing and maintaining a system into an organization
  • Consultants or advisors involved in the design and implementation of energy management systems.

Who should attend?

  • Energy managers
  • Facilities managers
  • Environment officer/managers
  • Energy engineers
  • Energy consultants
  • Energy service providers
  • Finance directors
  • Sustainability consultants

Comments from last year's delegates:

“Very interesting”
Caroline Guppy, Heatric

“A well organized and professionally run conference”
Clifford Miles, UKAS

“Very informative”
Paul Crowther, STC Energy

“Generally I have gained a lot”
Gerry Finnegan, Crane Fluid Systems Ltd

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