Information Governance Masterclass

28 October 2009
De Vere Canary Wharf, London
Imformation Governance Masterclass - A Healthier Workforce, A Healthier Businesses


Do you need practical advice and guidance on how to manage data?

If your organization is getting ready to implement BS 10012:2009 Data protection. Specification for a personal information management system, BSI can help.

This masterclass has been designed to provide you with practical guidance in answer to your data management and information governance questions. 

Attend this intermediate/advanced level masterclasses to:

  • Receive expert guidance from an experienced tutor involved in the development of BS 10012
  • Formulate an action plan to help your organization gain more from a data protection strategy
  • Get practical advice on how to manage your staff’s use of data
  • Understand how loss of data and carelessness in the work place can damage your business’ reputation.

The masterclass is designed for all those who handle or manage data as part or all of their job description.

The format of the class will be a combination of presentations, discussions and case studies to maximize learning opportunities.

Using BS 10012 to demonstrate compliance

  • History and development of BS 10012
  • The PIMS (Personal Information Management System)
  • Policy
  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Identifying personal information
  • Training and awareness
  • Fair and lawful processing
  • Information sharing and merging
  • Accuracy and retention
  • Rights of the individual
  • Security issues
  • Overseas transfers
  • Auditing and improving 

Alan Shipman
Director, Group 5 Training


All those responsible for transferring, storing or managing information within their organization, including:

  • Business managers
  • IT directors
  • Data protection officers
  • Information security managers
  • Records managers
  • Compliance officers
  • Legal advisors
  • Data controllers
  • Marketing managers and directors.


BS 10012:2009
Data protection. Specification for a personal information management system

BS 10012 has been developed to establish best practice and aid compliance with data protection legislation. It is the first standard for the management of personal information.

It specifies the requirements for a personal information management system (PIMS), which can assist businesses improve compliance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998.

BS 10012 is for use by organizations of any size, in both the public and private sectors, and is meant for use by anyone responsible for initiating, implementing and maintaining a PIMS within an organization.

Read more about BS 10012 


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