Occupational Health & Safety -
A Healthier Workforce, A Healthier Business

24 - 25 November 2009
Dexter House, London

Occupational Health & Safety - A Healthier Workforce, A Healthier Business

3rd Annual OHS conference and workshop 

Right now, what company can afford an incident that reduces its workforce’s productivity?  Or negative media coverage?  Or a fine – or worse – from the HSE?

Retaining your organization’s focus on Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) issues in the current environment is challenging – but never more important.  Good health and safety is still good business.

The recession creates additional pressures for the health and safety manager as operational corners are cut and employee stress rises.

The 2009 Occupational Health & Safety conference will look at the current economic pressures on OH&S and demonstrate how using standards can help combat these. Hear the latest government guidance, and find out about the new risks and behaviours Health & Safety managers should look out for.

Attend the 2009 OH&S conference to:

  • See how the latest Government guidance (Working for a Healthier Tomorrow) and HSE recommendations fit together
  • Get the latest advice on how OH&S can be improved despite the recession 
  • Learn about new and existing standards, and see how they can increase efficiency and performance, improve outcomes and help benchmark your OH&S
  • Hear case studies demonstrating how to implement OH&S standards and guidance effectively 
  • Prepare for upcoming trends, such as rehabilitation, stress management and psychosocial behaviours
  • Network with peers and industry experts.

Please check back for updates as the programme is confirmed.


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Supporting organizations


Chairman’s introduction

David Smith
Chairman, BSI HS1 Committee OH&S management systems;
Director, iMS Risk Solutions


The Health and Safety of Great Britain - Be part of the solution

The HSE’s strategy seeks to optimize the delivery and effectiveness of the health and safety system in Great Britain in preventing death, injury and ill-health, and reducing the risk of a major incident caused by work activities.

Hear about the HSE’s new strategy and discuss what it means for you today.

  • The strategic goals 
  • Roles – of the regulator, the regulated, the workforce and others
  • Approaches to delivery including segmentation and influencing techniques
  • HSE's thoughts on refreshing the management systems approach to risk control 

Kevin Myers
Deputy Chief Executive, Health and Safety Executive

Standards update

Latest on UK standards and the new UKRC’s rehabilitation standards 

  • Update on Health & Safety management standards and other related standards
  • Background to the UKRC
  • Reasons for developing the standards
  • Who are the standards for?
  • Understanding the standards
  • How to get the most out of the standards

David Smith
Chairman, BSI HS1 Committee OH&S management systems;
Director, iMS Risk Solutions

Helen Merfield
Founding Board member, UK Rehabilitation Council

Best practice

Case study: Siemens - Implementing and using BS OHSAS 18001:2007

  • An introduction to Health & Safety standards and Siemens 
  • Drivers for managing Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) performance 
  • Implementing BS OHSAS 18001 
  • Overcoming key challenges 
  • Benefits of using BS OHSAS 18001

Victoria Barron
Product Marketing Manager, BSI UK

Christian Gransden
Head of Health, Safety and Environment, Siemens Healthcare

Case study: Bombardier Transportation - Responsibilities of the Health & Safety manager

  • Defining the purpose and role of the H&S manager 
  • Identifying the key capabilities required to fulfill the role 
  • Methods and tools for effective implementation of the role
    - How to get buy-in from senior management
    - How to influence others in the organization
    - How to bring about change
    - How to measure the change (ROI)

Kevin Martin
Director,Quarto Consulting Ltd

Eugenio Grandi
Director,Quarto Consulting Ltd

Gary Kinsey
Manager Learning & Development, Bombardier Transportation 

Improving Health and work: Changing lives

  • Government plans to improve the health of the working-age population in response to the Black Review
  • Support for employers and line managers
  • Working in partnership with key stakeholders
  •  Improving health of our workers for:
    - reduced staff absence and staff turnover
    - decreased staff training costs
    - lower insurance premiums
    - improved staff moral
    - enhanced productivity

Alison Scott
Deputy Director, Health, Work and Wellbeing Directorate, Department for Work and Pensions

Case study: Compliance in a recession

  • The effects of a recession

  • Challenges faced by SME organizations

David Graves
Consultant, Aviva Risk Management Solutions UK Ltd (ARMS)

Communicating from board to shop-floor – new methods and innovative approaches

  • What is the best way to communicate and engage with your employees?
  • The use of persuasive language shared experiences, picture painting and story telling
  • Reward and/or recognition as a change agent

Shaun Davis
Chartered Safety & Health Practitioner
Safety, Health, Environment & Quality Director
Rok plc

Stress management and behaviour safety

Behaviour safety management

  • Contemporary wisdoms on OH&S management
    - Attitudes
    - Behaviour
  • Measuring attitudes and behaviour
  • Intervention strategies
  • Determinants of success

Richard T Booth
Professor Emeritus (Occupational Safety & Health), Aston University, Birmingham

Psychosocial work environment: Promoting effective work-related stress management

  • Nature and impact of psychosocial hazards and work-related stress
  • Key policy and standards of relevance
  • Psychosocial risk assessment and management
  • Best practice examples in work-related stress management
  • Translating knowledge into practice

Dr Stavroula Leka
Associate Professor in Occupational Health Psychology, Institute of Work, Health & Organisations, University of Nottingham 

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All those responsible for Health & Safety in their organization at an operational and strategic level, including:

  • Health & Safety directors and managers
  • Safety practitioners
  • Facilities managers
  • Human Resources directors and managers
  • Compliance officers
  • Risk and quality managers
  • Health & Safety consultants.

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BS OHSAS 18001 workshop

Examine real life scenarios where the standard has been used, and see how the lessons can be applied to your own organization.

Sessions will include:

  • A typical Health & Safety management system implementation journey
  • Practical advice on the implication of the requirements of BS OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Challenges faced based on feed back from our certification visits and how they can be addressed
  • Motivation for continual improvement of the system
  • Engaging the business at all levels.

Tim Sparey
Tutor Development Manager and BS OHSAS lead tutor, BSI Training

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