15 September 2009
Grange City Hotel, London

Life Cycle Costing - Implementing the SMLCC Guidance to


Need to significantly reduce the overall cost of construction projects in both financial and environmental terms?  Attend this conference to understand how the British Standards on life cycle costing can help you meet your targets and win those scarce contracts.

This conference provides a briefing on how to use the UK guidance document Standardized method of life cycle costing (SMLCC) to aid implementation of BS ISO 15686-5:2008 Buildings and constructed assets. Service life planning. Life cycle costing. It also provides updates on current good practice in the area of life cycle costing (LCC) and news on forthcoming developments.

As organizations are facing the twin challenges of a financial downturn and increasing environmental considerations, calculating the true long term cost of a building and its all-round sustainability are essential.

This conference outlines how you can deliver the principles and benefits of LCC to clients in order to gain competitive advantage, and provides you with information on the links between carbon and environmental targets and LCC. There are also case studies delivered by organizations that are currently leading the way in the implementation of the standards. 

Key features:

  • How to use LCC to win new work, improve performance and make efficiencies in the short and long term 
  • How LCC standards can improve practices and benefit your organization despite the recession
  • Detailed guidance on how to cost-effectively implement BS ISO 15686 by following the SMLCC guidance document
  • The links between environmental concerns and LCC 
  • Briefing on the likely content of the forthcoming publication on maintenance and life cycle costing.



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Congratulations to our EcoBuild prize draw winner, Fred Harding of FJ Harding.


Chair's introduction

Peter Caplehorn
Counsellor, RIBA;
Technical Director, Scott Brownrigg

Standards update

Update on UK and international Standards. Where are we now?

  • Introduction to the ISO 15686 standards and UK’ SMLCC guidance document 
  • Future plans and recent developments in the ISO 15686 standards 
  • Benefits of a standardized and consistent approach to LCC

Dr Charles Whitlock
Programme Manager, Standards Development, BSI

Introducing the new document on Life Cycle Costing in use – using it with existing standards and guidance

  • Content and scope of the Life Cycle Costing in Use document
  • Why is it needed? 
  • When should it be used?
  • Benefits of using the document 
  • Using the new document with existing standards and SMLCC guidance

Andy Green  
Director, Faithful + Gould


Current life cycle costing issues

Getting clients to buy into Life Cycle Costing

  • Estate rationalization and Defence Estates 
  • Balancing
    - Assessment of the operational benefit of the asset(s)
    - Cost in through-life terms for the assets’ continued operation
    - Assessment of environmental impact of assets continued use
  • Development of the Defence Estates Next Generation Estates Contracts (NGECs) and procurement

Tony Whitehead 
Head of Construction/Built Environment, Defence Estates

Life cycle costing and environmental targets

  • How does LCC relate to environmental issues? 
  • The Carbon Reduction Commitment

Mike Clift
Associate Director, BRE

Cost and life data for Life Cycle Costing

  • Impact of cost and life variables on LCC plans 
  • Obtaining service life data 
    - currently available data sources 
    - comparability of data from different sources 
    -  methods of synthesising data 
    - impact of level of detail 
    - associated maintenance data 
    - service lives for existing components 
    - data for 'insurance' vs data for planning
  • Obtaining real life cost data

Paul Wornell
Technical Risk Management, BLP

Life Cycle Costing in existing buildings - refurbishment and remodelling

  • Applying LCC to existing buildings
  • Options assessment based on condition and future plans
  • Prioritising expenditure – value for money issues
  • Leasehold or freehold – does it make a difference?
  • Worked example – energy efficiency and carbon reduction during refurbishment/remodelling
  • Adressing issues in using LCC during operation

Kathryn Bourke
Director, Whole Life Limited


Discussion session: Implementing and using LCC standards

Get your questions answered

  • What difficulties do you face with the standard or guidance?
  • Which part of the standard would do you need more guidance on? 
  • What are clients saying?


Current good practice case studies

Case study: Meeting Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) LCC requirements: Practical guidance, decision making for best value and sustainability

  • What are the HCA LCC requirements?
  • How to achieve the LCC requirements
  • Applying LCC to the development and procurement process
  • Using LCC for ongoing asset management
  • LCC for best value and sustainability decision making

Peter Mayer
Research and Development Manager, BLP

Case study: Implementing Life Cycle Costing in Educational building projects

  • LCC practice on BSF projects 
  • Benchmark costs 
  • Key challenges 
  • Operational LCC management 
  • Future developments

Ed Bartlett
Whole Life Director, Balfour Beatty Capital

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All those for whom life cycle costing is wholly or partly their responsibility, or for whom it impacts on their role, including:

  • Local authorities, regional development agencies and housing corporations 
  • Procurement managers 
  • Quantity and building surveyors 
  • Facilities managers 
  • Architects 
  • Engineers 
  • Building subcontractors 
  • Client advisors 
  • Finance and operations directors 
  • Environmental and risk managers
  • PFI bid managers.

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