Fire Safety -
Effective Design, Management and Use of Buildings

12-13 November 2009
Dexter House, London

Fire Safety-Effective Design, Management and Use of Buildings

Do you need guidance on applying fire safety standards? Learn how BS 9999 can help minimize the risk from fire in your buildings and help cut costs.

To avoid a disaster, fire safety must be a key factor when designing and managing buildings. Proper fire design protects against loss of life and destruction of property.

Building designers, building operators and fire safety professionals all need to understand what features make a building safe from fire. Better risk management and procurement can also mean long terms savings for owners and clients.

British Standard BS 9999:2008 Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings can help improve the fire safety of a building, both in the initial building design and in its management and use.

This conference will examine how to apply BS 9999 to existing buildings and to planned developments.

Attend the 2009 Fire Safety in Buildings seminar and masterclass to:

  • See best practice implementation and interpretation of BS 9999
  • Learn how to incorporate BS 9999 into building design and fire management
  • Hear how BS 9999 has built on developments from earlier fire standards
  • Review fire safety legislation related to building design and facility management
  • Ensure you can meet building regulations and fire service requirements
  • Understand how you can cut costs and still guarantee the highest level of fire safety
  • Network with peers and share problems and solutions.

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Thursday 12 November 2009

Chair’s opening remarks

  • Examining the origins of the standard
  • Understanding of BS 9999 a year on from publication

David Smith
Chairman, BSI Committee FSH/14

Understanding the relationship between BS 9999 and existing legislation and standards

Dave Berry
Chairman, Fire and Risk Management Support Services

Case study: Implementing BS 9999 for new designs of retail buildings

  • Highlighting the challenges different types of buildings present when carrying out risk assessment
  • Outlining the advantages that BS 9999 can offer retail buildings
  • Interpreting BS 9999 guidelines and fitting them to the specific building
  • Overcoming design constraints when ensuing buildings fire safety

Andrew Nicholson
Associate Director, Buro Happold

Case study: Overcoming the fire safety design challenges when integrating modern design with listed buildings for public access

  • Identifying the benefits of BS9999 for open spatial planning
  • Using BS 9999 to provide adequate levels of fire safety on new and existing elements to a project
  • Detailing the challenges human behaviour present when assessing fire risk
  • Using the guidance to ensure a cost effectiveness does not compromise fire safety and understanding how to modify the design where needed
  • Overcoming the management assumptions with limited control on numbers and human behaviour

Chris Hughes
Associate, Exova Warringtonfire

Examining how to guarantee fire service requirements are met to avoid prosecution

  • Understanding and meeting the current fire service requirements for building access and water provisioning
  • Outlining fire service response challenges and minimizing the impact of false alarms
  • Detailing the common failings that result in prosecution and assessing how BS 9999 can impact safety failings
  • Determining how to integrate risk assessment and fire service hazard notification

David Russel
Head of Fire Risk Management – Area Manager, Lancashire Fire Rescue Service

Interpreting regulations and standards to optimize disability provisioning

  • Balancing the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 with optimizing fire safety
  • Assessing the changes BS 9999 will make to improve provisioning and management for disabled people
  • Understanding the need for achieving cost effective, safe evacuation of disabled people
  • Outlining how effective building management and fire strategy can be used to comply with BS 9999
  • What are the next steps required to ensure that the guidance is universally met?

Elspeth Grant
Consultant, TripleAconsult

Using BS 9999 to minimize building control challenges

Enhancing fire safety processes by achieving an effective risk assessment

  • Improving the awareness of requirements for carrying out a fire risk assessment
  • Investigating how human behaviour in a fire will impact the risk assessment
  • Updating and repeating the risk profile when changes are made to the operation of buildings
  • Understanding the risks that come from different use within multi occupancy buildings
  • Examining the accreditation and appointment of risk assessors

Martin Russell-Croucher
Director, Special Projects, Professional Groups and Forums, RICS

Case study: Overcoming the challenges with design for public access building and areas

  • Overview of the fire strategy for the building comprising a train station, a retail mall and a public park
  • How the RRO has influenced the design in particular the public park
  • How we have dealt with interface issues between the different occupancies

Suzanne Freed
Associate, ARUP – Fire Engineering

Panel discussion:  Assuring cost effective fire safety in building design and management

Kurt Coelho
Head of Health and Safety - Retail, Land Securities Properties

Hsi Sung-Thomas
Technical Manager, Benoy

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Friday 13 November 2009

Implementing BS 9999

The masterclass goes beyond the basics and is tailored to address your specific needs when designing or performing fire risk assessments on buildings. Share experiences with like-minded professionals and
benefit from the guidance of the masterclass leader. Receive feedback on your performance for real life worked scenarios and understand how to effectively implement BS 9999 for your projects.

Key areas of learning are:

  • Changes to previous fire standards
  • Advantages to be gained from using BS 9999
  • Using BS 9999 for risk assessment and building design
  • Real life scenarios - your proposed solutions.

David Smith
Chairman, BSI Committee FSH/14 (Fire precautions in buildings)

David has been very active in professional bodies including the UK Chapter of the SFPE, the Institute of Fire Safety, a member of the International Council (now iBoard) of the IFE and Chairman of its
Engineering Council Division. He is currently Honorary Secretary of the Association of Building Engineers. David has been a member of various BSI committees on fire safety and fire protection for over 20
years. He also sits on a number of specialist groups and steering panels (Government, professional and private) concerned with a wide range of fire matters.

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All those responsible for the design, management and use of buildings, or for whom it impacts on their role, including:

  • Fire safety engineers
  • Facilities and building managers
  • Architects
  • Fire and rescue service
  • Building control officers
  • Fire risk consultants
  • Surveyors.

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