BSI Conferences sustainability policy

We at BSI Conferences understand that our operations and processes can impact both positively and negatively towards the environment, social and economic issues. Our intention is to provide event management in such as way as to minimise negative social, environmental and economic impacts. We recognise that the event management of our events can have positive long term impacts to social, environmental and economic factors.

In recognition of the above we will follow a set of procedures to help us to:

  • Identify and engage with our key stakeholders involved in all events on sustainability issues
  • Set sustainability key performance indicators and targets for all events
  • Provide the necessary resources and allocate appropriate responsibilities to ensure sustainability of all events
  • Provide training and build competencies for those significant persons involved in the sustainability management of all events,

We will provide strategic leadership and vision to ensure sustainability of all events.

Our commitment to sustainable event management extends to:

  • The supply chain for all events, both product and service providers 
  • The full event life cycle, from planning, implementation, final evaluation and review
  • Maintaining a record of documents and relevant communications with regard to the sustainability of all events.

If you have any questions about our sustainability practices please email us.

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