Procurement in the Public Sector: Building trust, breaking barriers and promoting fairness

Venue: The Royal College of Pathologists,  6 Alie St, London E1 8QT

Date: 5 December 2019

Procurement in the Public Sector: Building trust, breaking barriers and promoting fairness

Join us for the BSI Procurement in the public sector conference as we look to building sustainable and successful business relationships for the future.

BSI has worked with experts from industry and government to develop a new tool to both simplify and strengthen the public sector procurement process.

At this event we will discuss practical ways to improve the process and develop a fairer, more trustworthy system to support UK businesses, reassure the taxpayer and ensure the public sector gets value for money without compromising on quality, ethics or sustainability. 

By attending this day of expert speakers and workshops you will have the opportunity to learn more about the new standard and how it can benefit any organization that wants to be part of the public sector supply chain, without unnecessary bureaucracy or meeting excessive requirements. 

Conference topics include:

BS 95009 Procurement to the public sector – generic requirements for organizations providing products and services

Organizational governance

Financial and commercial accountability

Procurement and the supply chain

Managing relationships

Performance evaluation and improvement

Rebuilding trust: integrity, fairness and the public purse


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08:00 – 08:30 Registration

08:30 – 08:40 BSI welcome opening and welcome by the Chairman

Scott Steedman, Director of Standards, BSI

Michael Pace, Managing Director, NHS LPP

08:45 – 09:00 Keynote speech

Michael Pace, Managing Director, NHS LPP

09:00 – 10:00  Implementation workshops


Do you have a real understanding of what can affect your success? Who you are, whatyou do and how you do it are key. Are you self-aware enough to maximize opportunities and manage your risks? Do you understand the changing needs andexpectations of your stakeholders and the impact they can have on your business? This is an opportunity to explore your understanding and learn how to provide the evidence you need.

Mike Pearson, CQP FCQI -  Director, Mike Pearson Associates; CQI Standards Panel

Organisational Governance

To become a trusted organization you need to show that those at the very top areworking ethically, sustainably and are prepared to be held to account. Are you doing allthat you can to make sure that there aren't conflicts between what you want to achieveand how you go about doing it? Are decision-makers in your organization fully aware ofday-to-day activities and how they relate to your policies? No matter the size of your organization good governance is vital to your ability to perform well and be able to make good on your objectives.

Anita Punwani BSI Chair G/1 Committee – Governance, AMAP

Mark Goyder, Founder and Trustee, Tomorrow's Company

10:10 – 10:40 Morning coffee break

10:40 -11:40 Risk and opportunity management 

Risk management is always a hot topic and its importance in procurement and the supply chain cannot be under-estimated. These discussions will focus on how to demonstrate that you properly assess and manage risks that could compromise your ability to supply products or services and that you are both aware of and take advantage of opportunities that arise to improve.

Louise McMahon, Collaboration & Improvement Manager, Kier

Finance and Commercial Accountability

Financial stability, prompt and fair payment terms, ensuring quality isn't lost by securing a contract through underestimating genuine costs: how can you prove that your organization gives value for money without cutting corners or sacrificing long-term success to short-term wins? This is a chance to consider how best to tackle the complexities of financial and commercial accountability for the benefit of everyone involved in your supply chain.

Neil Cowley, Casework Manager, Small Businesses Commissioner

11:40-12:10 On the floor: Q&A session

This is your chance to directly ask questions of the experts who initiated and wrote the standard, whether it’s about how the standard works, how you can meet the requirements or how it can help your type of organization to win contracts and become a trusted supplier to the public sector.

Louise McMahon, Collaboration & Improvement Manager, Kier

Wayne Terry, Chief Executive, ABCB

Mark Goyder, Founder and Trustee, Tomorrow's Company

12:10 – 13:10 Lunch

13:10-14:10 Quality Management

Being able to consistently provide what you say can provide, without compromising onthe quality agreed, running up extra costs or running over deadlines takes careful management. In these discussions we will explore the different ways quality can bemanaged and how you can give assurance to your customers.

Mark Braham, Head of Business Assurance, AA

Frank Lee, Product Certification Technical & Operational Delivery Director, BSI

Procurement and Supply Chain

How can you show procuring organizations that you understand your place in the supply chain and how other parts of it affect what you do? This roundtable will look athow you can make things simpler, fairer and more effective up and down the supply chain, to ensure better performance all round.

Helen Carter, Lead Consultant, Action Sustainability

Ian Cass, Managing Director, FPB

14:40-15:10 Afternoon Networking Tea & Coffee break

15:10-16:10 People

No matter how many systems or processes you have in place ultimately the success of your organization comes down to people. In these discussions we will look at the importance of managing relationships, understanding your competence needs and communicating effectively and appropriately and how you can prove to others that you manage this crucial element.

Pete Colley, Director, PKLG Services

David Hawkins, COO, Institute for Collaborative Working

Performance Evaluation and Improvement

Being able to show that you know how to monitor and measure your own performance and are committed to fixing problems and taking steps to improve are an effective way of building trust with others in your supply chain. This conversation will centre on the importance of evaluating the things that matter and the many ways you can demonstrate your commitment to improving performance.

Wayne Terry, Chief Executive, ABCB

16:10–17:00 Panel

Re-building trust: integrity, fairness and the public purse  

Paul Uppal, Small Business Commissioner, SBC

Sadie Homer, Consumer and Public Interest Policy Executive, BSI

17:00-17:10 Closing keynote 

Nick Hopcraft, Fellow, CIHT

17:10 Closing comments/wrap up from BSI and chairman


Who should attend?

In particular, the event will be of interest to the following:

  • Head of procurement
  • Procurement manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • COO
  • Director
  • Owner
  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Chief Purchasing Officer
  • VP of Procurement/ Purchasing/ Sourcing/ Supply Chain
  • Procurement Director
  • Purchasing Director
  • Sourcing Director
  • Head of Procurement/ Purchasing
  • Head of Indirect Procurement
  • Manager of Sourcing/Procurement/Purchasing
  • Senior Buyer
  • Commodity Manager
  • Supply Manager
  • Category Manager


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Procurement in the Public Sector: Building trust, breaking barriers and promoting fairness

5 December 2019






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