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Eco-design Requirements for Energy-related Products: A Guide to the Implementation of European Directive 2009/125/EC

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you decide if this publication helps you with implementing the European Directive for energy-related products.

Q1 What information are producers given regarding enforcement within the UK?

A1 BSI’s Guide includes a section on Monitoring, Verification and Enforcement (MV&E).

The section provides information about market surveillance and the enforcement of the Directive in the UK.

It also highlights the need for improved international collaboration on MV&E; including cooperation on the sharing of compliance information between countries, and the coordination of MV&E bodies internationally, which was highlighted at the recent 'Saving more energy through compliance' conference organised by 4E.

Q2 Is The National Measurement Office (NMO) mentioned within the guide?

A2 The NMO are included as part of the section on MV&E. Details cover the role of the NMO as market surveillance authority responsible for enforcing the Directive and their services and information available, along with a link to their website.

Q3 How definitive/exhaustive is the guide in advising producers of products within the scope of Implementing Measures, for instance that of Standby and Off mode?

A3 The information included in the guide is based on the latest documents available. In particular, section 4 (‘Current status and design requirements’) gives details about how individual products are affected by the Directive, and provides information about the current status of the various studies and legislation for each product group being assessed. Section 4 is divided into a number of product categories, each of which includes a summary of the product being assessed based on the main eco-design requirements that are currently under consideration or have been implemented as a result of implementing measures that have already entered into force.

For each product, the information is based on the latest documentation to have been issued e.g. preparatory studies, working documents and implementing measures.

Q4 When will I receive updates to my subscription?

A4 The guide is updated on a regular basis to incorporate new information as reports arising from studies are published, or when legislation concerning the Directive comes into force. Updates keep users informed with the development of harmonized standards, energy labelling directives and voluntary agreements under the Directive.

Q5 How many subscribers are there to this guide?

A5 This information is confidential.

Q6 How regularly is the guide updated?

A6 It is a twelve month subscription product with free updates throughout the course of the subscription. We update this publication three times a year.

Q7 Where can I find more information about ecodesign for sustainable and responsible business?

A7 Visit BSI’s website for Eco-design to read about standards and guidance.
Or go to the European Commission’s Enterprise and Industry pages.

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