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Status Codes for Standards

If you’ve ever wondered what it means for a standard to be "obsolescent" or "under review", BSI has written new, clearer definitions of the status codes for standards.


Status Code Description Definition
CF Confirmed This standard has been reviewed and remains current with its original content unchanged. The standard does not have to amended, revised or withdrawn. Standards are usually reviewed at intervals not exceeding 5 years.
CU Current This is the most recent and up-to-date version of the standard which should be applied. Previously published versions or subsequent unpublished development versions of the same standard should not be used.
DC Draft for Comment This draft standard is currently available for public review and comment.
OB Obsolescent This standard has been superseded by a more up-to-date version but is not withdrawn because it is still required by part of the market for testing, maintenance and servicing of obsolete equipment which is expected to still have some useful life.
PC Proposed for Confirmation This standard is being reviewed and is proposed for confirmation as a current standard.
PO Proposed for Obsolescence This standard is being reviewed and is proposed for obsolescence.
PR Partially Replaced The content of this standard is partially replaced by the content of one or more other standards. This can sometimes happen if a standard is to be superseded by a series of other standards, or parts, which is not yet published as a complete series.
PU Project Underway "Review of this standard has been started. No draft standard is currently available for public review and comment at this time.
PW Proposed for Withdrawal This standard is being reviewed and is proposed for withdrawal.
RV Revised (By Document of Similar Number) New projects which retain the original standard number (this could be a revised edition, correction by corrigenda or amendment see below explanations).
SS Superseded This standard is withdrawn and has been replaced by one or more other standards with a different number from the original standard.
UR Under Review This standard is under review but a decision whether or not to confirm, withdraw or revise it has yet to be made.
WH Work in Hand The committee has started work on a draft revision of this document.
WN Withdrawn This standard is no longer current and will not be reviewed in future. A withdrawn standard no longer has the status of a standard and is no longer maintained by its National Standards Body.

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